Rug Size Room/Application Quick Tips
Small (Up to 5' x 8') Small living areas, under coffee tables Use in small spaces; avoid blocking doors.
6' x 9' Medium living rooms, under medium dining tables Leave 18-24 inches of space from walls. Under dining tables, all chairs should sit comfortably on the rug
8' x 10' Larger rooms, under large dining tables/beds Ideal for anchoring furniture in larger rooms. Ensure enough space around the rug for balance. Suitable under large dining tables, with enough space for chairs, or under queen or king-size beds
9' x 12 Spacious rooms, dining rooms/beds Perfect for large rooms. Maintain balance by leaving equal flooring space around the rug.
10' x 14' Very large rooms, open floor plans Ideal for open spaces or under king-size beds. Keep consistent border spacing around the rug.