When will my rug arrive?

We aim to send all orders within 24 business hours. However, the estimated delivery time may vary from product to product and can be delivered the next day or maximum in 10 business days from placing the order

How do I know that my order is confirmed?

Once the order is successfully placed, you will receive the following notifications by email:

1- Email order confirmation

2- Email with tracking details and invoice once the product is shipped

Can I Vacuum hand-knotted rugs?

Regular vacuuming is essential to keep rugs in the best condition. It helps eliminate any surface dirt before the dirt can grind it into the fibers. But, there are some crucial points before you vacuum:

1- Beater bars can damage rugs. Use with care and only in the softest setting.

2- Canister vacuums, brooms, and sweeping and hand-held appendages are suitable for rugs.

3- Powerful vacuums are not recommended. Use on low-power mode only.

4- Once in a while, vacuum the back-side of the rug as well.

Are true colors displayed on your website for rug images?

Yes, the rugs on the website are in true colors. However, depending on the resolution of your device's screen, there might be a slight variation in the color of the actual rug.

How long hand-knotted rugs last?

Original hand-knotted rugs are prized collectibles that can be used for hundred and fifty years. If it is correctly cared for and maintained, hand-knotted rugs are proven to stand the test of time and can last for two to three generations.

Why hand-knotted rugs are so expensive?

Fine hand-knotted rugs are much more than pieces of furniture. They are art that needs a very long and challenging process. Rug weavers cannot work more than 4 hours a day because it can damage their eyesight. Therefore, weaving a fine hand-knotted rug could take years.